Silicon aluminum calcium alloy

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Silicon aluminum calcium alloy

Product brand: Xinchuang metallurgy

Product model: si30al13ca15, etc

Production process: smelting / crushing / grinding

New Compound Deoxidizer in steelmaking industry. It can improve the morphology of inclusions in molten steel, improve the fluidity of molten steel, stabilize the chemical composition, meet the needs of continuous casting steel, and reduce the oxygen content in molten steel. The cost is much lower than that of silicon calcium alloy.

1 Chemical content:

Type chemical composition
Si Ca C Al
Si5Al8Ca25 ≥5 ≥25 5-20 5-20
Si10Al5Ca24 ≥10 ≥24 ≥5 ≥5

2 Size:0-3mm/0-5mm/0-10mm etc,

3 Packing:25KG/1000KG

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