Heavy Medium Fesi Powder

Atomization FeSi Powder C60

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Atomization FeSi Powder C60

Detailed parameters:

Product model: fesi15#

Production process: electric furnace smelting / vacuum water atomization treatment / high precision screening

Product shape: spherical.

Product use: used as heavy medium in mineral processing industry, such as: waste aluminum separation, gold ore, diamond ore, copper ore and other flotation aspects.

1.Chemical content: 

Si:14-16% ,Fe:80-83%,Mn<0.8%,C<0.6%,S<0.02%,P<0.03%


-212 Micron: 100%

-150 Micron: 99-100%

-106 Micron: 96-100%

-75 Micron: 92-98%

-45 Micron: 68-78%

3. Package: 1000kg double-layer bag with plastic film

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