Ferro Silicon

We are prominent Ferro Silicon Powder Manufacturer in the industry. The product offered by us is available in various grades and specifications as per the requirement of the customers. Owing to our strong manufacturing capabilities, we are able to offer Ferro Silicon Lumps in bulk quantity as required by the customers. Our products are widely demanded in the market for following factors:

Steel Industry: There is a vast chemical affinity between Silicon and Oxygen, wherein, Ferro Silicon Powder act as a strong deoxidizing agent in the fabrication of steel and the proliferation of oxygen precipitation. Moreover, it is also used as heating agent ingot cap that augment the recovery and quality of steel ingot.

Iron Industry: Cast iron is cheaper than steel and assure outstanding casting performance. Adding certain amount of Ferro Silicon Powder enhances the mechanical properties by preventing the formation of iron carbide. Also, it is an important ingredient of ball agent.

Ferro Alloy Industries: It acts as a reducing agent in ferroalloy production.

Smelting Process: It is used for high temperature smelting process.

Mineral Processing Industry: It is used as electrode coating and in chemical industry for the manufacturing of silicone products.

As a Ferro Silicon Alloy Supplier and Exporter, our prime aim is to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

Standard: GB

Dimensions: 65 68 72 75 45

Application: Steel-making

Shape: Powder

Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy

Color: Siliver grey

Clean: no pollution

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

1 MT/big bag or according to consumers request!

Delivery Detail

with 20-30 days after receiving the deposit


As the oxygen diffusion agent and inoculant

Can be molybdenum, titanium, tungsten and other alloys as reducing agent


(1) oxygen in the steel industry as agent and alloying agent. Silicon and oxygen chemical affinity between the large, thus ferro silicon powder is a strong deoxidizing agent for steel making and the proliferation of oxygen precipitation. In the steel industry, the use of ferro silicon powder burn at high temperatures can release a lot of heat en this feature, often used as a heating agent ingot cap to improve the quality and recovery of steel ingot.

(2) used in the iron industry and inoculant nodulizer. Cast iron is an important modern industries of metal material, it is cheaper than steel, easy to melt refining, with excellent casting performance and much better than the seismic capacity of steel. Particularly iron, its mechanical properties at or near the mechanical properties of steel. In cast iron by adding a certain amount of ferrosilicon powder to prevent the formation of iron carbide, and promote the precipitation of graphite and globalization, and thus in the production of ductile iron, ferrosilicon powder is an important inoculant (help precipitation of graphite) and the ball agent.

(3) used as a reducing agent ferroalloy production. Not only silicon and oxygen chemical affinity between the large and high-silicon ferrosilicon powder low carbon content. Therefore, high silicon ferrosilicon powder is a low-carbon ferroalloy ferroalloy industry in the production of the more commonly used when a reducing agent.

(4) 75 # ferro silicon powder Pidgeon magnesium metal magnesium often used for high-temperature smelting process, the replacement of magnesium CaO.MgO out of each ton of magnesium, it takes about 1.2 tons of ferro silicon powder, magnesium metal production plays a big role.

(5) other uses. Pulverized or atomized ferro silicon powder treated in the mineral processing industry as a suspended phase. In the electrode manufacturing can be used as electrode coatings. High-silicon ferrosilicon powder in the chemical industry can be used in the manufacture of silicone products.

Customer requirements can be noted in the production; supply stable and reliable quality.