The environmental protection wind of ferrosilicon has risen again and the price of the factory has gone up

Inner Mongolia

 The first batch of the first batch of central ecological environmental protection inspectors recently announced the comprehensive launch of the news, the city government attaches great importance, because the Party Central Committee has made higher demands for the development of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and should pay more attention to the high-quality development at the same time of the rapid economic growth, Adhering to the "Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" undefineds environmental protection development concept, the construction of the beautiful Inner Mongolia North Xinjiang landscape line. The municipal government reorganizes the surrounding industrial and mining enterprises in the four-in-one nature reserve in the district, and can find and deal with the possible environmental pollution incidents, and strengthen the supervision and administration to prevent them from taking the place in the future. In particular, the influence of the silica and limestone production enterprises in the protection area is large, and the specific situation shall be subject to the announcement of the government department.


On July 12, the first batch of the first batch of central ecological environmental protection and supervision team was informed that the second round of the Central Committee for Environmental Protection and Environmental Protection was stationed in Qinghai Province, and for the second round of environmental supervision and supervision, the scheme adopted by the Qinghai Province was to temporarily shut down all open-pit mining ore factories and sand and stone materials factories, and strictly control the dust and traffic police. The public security chengguan has not reached the full range of dust-proof requirements for the transport vehicles such as the slag soil, the ore and the like. The arrival time of the environmental supervision and inspection team is one month, and the production is suspended during the inspection. If the problem is found during the inspection, it will be an unknown quantity from the time of rectification to the recovery time.


It is reported that the Central Environmental Protection Supervision and Inspection Team is in Gansu and the Jingtai Silica Mine in the main production area of the silica main production area of Gansu Province is completely shut down, and the ore mining equipment is completely removed. This time, the main mission is to check the degree of damage to the local natural environment and historical sites in the Jingtai area. The time for complex production of the local mine is unknown. According to the local ore production enterprise message, the reinstallation equipment and the environmental protection facilities can be started even if the re-approval position is required for the re-production.